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Trump 2024 MAGA Patriotic Patches Iron On/Sew On 6pc.

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  • [TRUMP 2024] Patriotic 6 Piece Patch Set, Including: MAGA 2nd Amendment US Flag, Patriot, Make America Great Again - For Men and Women
  • [EASY TO USE] Sew or Iron on to Your Hats, Jackets, Backpacks and Vests
  • [DIMENSIONS] Trump USA and American Flag: 3.25”x2.25”, Trump 2024, MAGA and Patriot: 4”x1.5”, 2nd Amendment: 2’x2”




Sew On

1. Identify location for the patch and outline for reference.

2. Thread needle using a strong nylon thread. Push needle through the leather moving from the inside to the outside. This way, your knot will be on the inside. Pull needle out with your outside hand and back down through patch and leather.

3. Keep stitching close together and to the edge of your patch for the most secure attachment.

4. Once you end up where you started, loop around stitching to make a finishing knot

Iron On

1. Set hand iron at 325-335 F

2. Place your patch in the desired location & place a cloth (such as a handkerchief or pillowcase fabric) over top.

3. Press the iron straight down for 35-45 seconds.

4. Turn the garment inside-out and repeat steps 2 & 3.

5. Allow the patch to cool down.

Do not apply to highly elastic, rayon, nylon or fabrics that cannot withstand heat. Once applied, the patch is permanently attached to the garment and is washable, dryable and dry cleanable. For machine washing, turn garment inside-out before washing or drying.