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Trump Presidential Playing Cards with Political Figures

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These make an excellent gift! Trump Presidential Playing Cards with Political Figures

The Trump Presidential Deck is the MUST HAVE political souvenir for supporters of Donald Trump!!

The deck celebrates Trump and his policies ... and you have to see the Jokers!!

Each card face is unique and uses original artwork to portray a prominent statesman or personality to communicate the reasons why Trump should be elected President in 2020!!

Trump Presidential Playing Cards includes: (A) Donald Trump (A) Donald Trump (A) Donald Trump (A) Donald Trump (K) Donald Trump (K) Donald Trump (K) Donald Trump (K) Donald Trump (Q) Sarah Palin (Q) Hillary Clinton (Q) Melania Trump (Q) Carly Fiorina (J) Ronald Regan (J) Vince McMahon (J) Rush Limbaugh (J) Ben Carson (10) Vladimir Putin (10) Tom Brady (10) Michael Savage (10) Ted Cruz (9) Xi Jinping (9) Mark Cuban (9) Ann Coulter (9) Marco Rubio (8) Benjamin Netanyahu (8) Regis Philbin (8) Mark Levin (8) John Kasich (7) Pope Francis (7) Carl Icahn (7) Howard Stern (7) Jeb Bush (6) Kevin McCarthy (6) Gary Busey (6) Bill O'Reilly (6) Chris Christie (5) Janet Yellin (5) Megyn Kelly (5) Sean Hannity (5) Rand Paul (4) Tim Scott (4) Willie Robertson (4) Hugh Hewitt (4) Scott Walker (3) Mike Huckabee (3) John Boehner (3) Paul Krugman (3) Bobby Jindal (2) John Kerry (2) Barack Obama (2) Bernie Sanders (2) Joe Biden