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Women for Trump Stickers - Pack of 500 Stickers

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  • 500 pieces of Trump 2020 stickers. 8 different patterns, more choices for your patriotic elections, a lot to ensure that you always have enough stickers to use.
  • Cut off the sticker you like, gently peel off the protective film, work on all the different types of surfaces, press it for a few seconds to ensure a good bond.
  • Each sticker is approximately 3 x 5 cm / 1.18 inches x 1.97 inches (WL). The correct size makes it easy to paste and carry, all stickers are packaged into rolls for easy storage and carrying
  • Our stickers are made of self-adhesive paper and have good adhesion, making them weather resistant and waterproof. Suitable for most surfaces such as cars, clothes, walls, windows, etc. Can be removed if needed.
  • KEEP AMERICA GREAT - Expressing your support and confidence in Donald Trump, Donald Trump has achieved great success, making the United States great again and providing a good gift to any Republican conservative patriot who loves the United States.